A Theory for Last Christmas.

The trailer for Last Christmas dropped and I’m pretty sure it went viral pretty quickly. I think I have watched it 17 times or so by now. You can watch it here. After watching it, I have a theory.

Emilia Clarke plays Kate, a girl stumbling through life who works as a Christmas Elf at a year round Christmas shop. She meets a man named Tom, played by Henry Golding, and her life seems to begin to change for the better. In the trailer, we learn that Kate had gotten really sick and almost died so now she’s “scared all the time.” She’s drinking like a fish, barely getting through her day, making one bad decision after another. And, seeing as it’s a Christmas movie, she’s in a bit of a “bah humbug” mental space.

Like I said, I have a theory.

My theory is that Tom is a ghost. I think that Kate needed a heart transplant which is why she nearly died. I think that Tom had died and was an organ donor so Kate received his heart. Since Kate had gotten really sick, she’s afraid it might happen again so she’s not living her best life. My theory is that since she has Tom’s heart, she has hallucinations of him. She sees him because she’s wasting the second chance at life that she got – so, Tom is her conscience in a way. He brings her out of her funk in time for Christmas.

Where did this theory come from? Tom tells Kate that it’s not accidental that they keep bumping into each other when she tells him he’s never there when she’s looking for him. Her admission to being really sick and nearly dying has me thinking it was something severe like a heart problem. And the fact that it’s a Christmas movie. There’s always a twist. Plus, it’s called Last Christmas and features the song of the same title. “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…”

Okay, I’m reaching a little. But I still feel it’s a pretty solid theory. What do you think?

I love Emilia Clarke. She did an incredible job in Me Before You and Game of Thrones. I can’t wait to see this movie! It releases on November 8th in theaters. I have my calendar marked and I’m planning on bringing tissues and chocolate.

What’s your favorite holiday movie? Leave a comment below!


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