Five Things That Make Me Happy.

Mental health can be exhausting, saddening, and overwhelming. I decided to take a break from my blog and focus on my life and it has been pretty beneficial. As one of my Get To Know The Blogger posts, I’ve decided to write Five Things That Make Me Happy.

Happiness is the state of being happy. Happy is feeling or showing pleasure and contentment. (Yes, I got that from the dictionary.) To me, happiness is a state of mind where you’re not wallowing in the dark recesses of your mind.

Now, the five things that make me happy…

1. My children. I love all four of their wonderful personalities. Raelynn is artistic and silly. Charlotte is sporty and sarcastic. Maverick is just a giggle monster. And Elijah, he’s just a happy baby. I love their curiosity, their wonder, their laughter, their ideas. They brighten my day.

2. Talking to my mom. My mother is my best friend. She praises my accomplishments and brags when I’m doing good. She’ll also give me a reality check when I’m being dumb. She loves me unconditionally and she’s my rock. Talking to her makes me happy. I miss our late night conversations on the porch.

3. Sleeping in on weekends. I don’t “sleep in” by much, maybe an extra 30 minutes from my work days, but that extra 30 minutes does wonders for my overall mood. I wake up with a smile rather than being a grumpy troll.

4. Reaching small goals. Each checkmark I make on my list of goals puts a smile on my face. Maybe its remembering to take the trash to the dumpster or its finishing a chapter of my book. If I manage to cross of three things of my to-do list, I’m pretty happy with myself. My next small goal is finishing two more chapters of Ghost of You.

5. My friends. I’m not using this as a cop-out answer either. My friends are some of the best people in the world. They know how to make my worst day into my best day with a simple text or a gif. And when the days are really dark, my best friends know exactly how to pull me out of it.

There are more than 5 things that make me happy. I’m sure this list could go on for a while if I tried.

But, these five things are the important ones. My kids, my mom, my friends… they are 3/4 of my heart. Sleep and reaching small goals are basic self-care for myself. I find myself smiling more and happier these days because I hold tight to my support people, I practice self-care when I can, and I’m reaching goals I’ve made for myself.

Little by little, day by day, one step at a time, I can do this. I can keep my happy state of mind.


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