Bootleg Springs: The Town I Wish Existed.

I love to read. Books have been an escape from reality for me since I was a child. To give you a small inclination on how much I read (and have read), as a kid a doctor told me the bump on the back of my neck exists because of my posture from reading. He told me not to read so much. The bump is still there for anyone wondering if I took that advice.

Anyway, as I grew up I lived in a world of books. I went to Hogwarts with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I survived the Hunger Games with Katniss. I traveled along side Frodo and Sam. I begged Will Traynor not to give up. I was part of the Babysitter’s Club. I solved crimes with Nancy Drew.

And now? Now I wish I could take a vacation to Bootleg Springs – the small town in West Virginia known for its Moonshine, “secret” hot springs, a cold case of a missing girl, and a community chicken. Bootleg Springs is the center of Lucy Score and Claire Kingsley’s Bootleg Springs series (duh.) Whiskey Chaser, Sidecar Crush, Moonshine Kiss, and Bourbon Bliss were literally Heaven. I have a thing for GOOD romance novels. They tug at your heartstrings, turn you on, and with the cold case on Callie Kendall, you won’t be able to put the books down until they’re done. Plus, I’d love to have Scarlett Bodine’s attitude on life.

I’m currently waiting on the fifth book, Gin Fling, which comes out in 8 more days. I’m also waiting on the final book in the series (that I don’t know the name of yet…) so I can read the rest of the story.

The beauty of the Bootleg Springs series is that each story centers around one member of the Bodine family tree and their closest friends. You get to dive into their hearts, their minds, and their… bedrooms? I don’t want to give a synopsis because I really want all of you to go read Lucy Score’s books. Trust me, all of them are amazing… not just the ones of Bootleg Springs.

5 stars.

10/10 would recommend. 

I’m obsessed. I binge-read ALL of her books in one weekend. I refused to stop reading. So, if you’re in the mood for a little romance, click here, to see her books on Amazon. Do it. Trust me.

Leave a comment below with your current favorite book. Let me get to know all of you!


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