Mental Health Milestone.

I’ve been writing Ghost of You for around four years now. Maybe longer. I’ve taken breaks from writing it because it deals heavily with depression, loss, grief, and dark emotions that I had a tendency to struggle with. Writing certain scenes would send me in a downward spiral crashing myself back at rock bottom.

But I hit a milestone with my mental health.

I wrote an emotion-fueled scene where my main character finally deals with the emotions and thoughts she kept buried in her head. A full-blown breakdown with 5 years worth of ignored feelings, thoughts, and memories.

And I didn’t break down myself.

I’m so excited about this! I was able to keep myself in check while digging deep into my personal experiences to fuel my writing. It was amazing. I wrote raw, heartbreaking material without breaking my own heart.

Hitting this milestone reminds me that I’m finally getting to where I need to be. I’m stronger than I was 10 years ago. I’m going to be alright. I feel that my struggle with my mental health isn’t a rickety bridge over a lava filled canyon. It’s more of a attainable mountain climb.

I just had to tell you all.

Did any of you have a moment that made you realize you were going to be alright? A moment of clarity where you saw how much you’ve grown and changed? Comment below!


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