I Did A Thing…

Working at my new job inspired a new goal for me.

I want to open my own store. I want to sell products I make as well as other local artists.

Plus I want to sell fair trade items like the ones in my current store. I’ve fallen in love with fair trade and what it represents. I love knowing that when I go to work, I’m helping raise awareness for major issues. I love that when I buy an item from my store, I’m supporting a woman who escaped sex trafficking or I’m supporting a small family somewhere in another country. I’m a sucker for backstories and all of our fair trade products have one.

But I digress.

I want to open a store. I’m going to start with an online store and try to build a customer base before I look into opening a brick and mortar store. I have all these ideas and I just want to dive in and start right now!

I have a few “small” items on my to-do checklist before I start opening my store but I wanted to let you all know. I think I’ve finally found something to be passionate about that’s truly worth every ounce of energy I’m pouring into it!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates!


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