Branching Out.

Just a quick post as I edit my next actual post…

After some brainstorming on how to reach more people and expand my blog, I’ve decided to use guest authors from time to time as well as guest post on other blogs myself. I need to figure out HOW to go about this but it’s something I am considering.

Interested in writing a guest post for Developed in Darkness? Contact me today with a pitch idea or two. I’d love to work with more bloggers to grow our blogs even more! I have a few friends currently brainstorming for their pieces. I’m thinking about introducing an author per month. That way it gives my faithful readers other perspectives on different subjects as well as get the authors name out there!

(And yes, I am willing to allow my authors to be anonymous if you don’t want your name attached.)

Want to have me be a guest author on your blog or webpage? Shoot me a message with what you’re looking for. I’m currently getting into a creative zone and I hope to have several new posts coming soon.

I look forward to talking with all of you. Have an awesome Sunday!


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