Today was the first time I was behind the lens of a camera in about six months. I took the kids outside and decided to take a couple practice shots. (I was afraid of being a little rusty on manual mode.)

Luckily, I have some cute kids who love the camera.

I missed the feeling I get when I’m looking through my viewfinder waiting for that right moment. I missed the excitement of capturing a smile or just a great moment. I wish I could explain the exact feeling of capturing the light in my son’s eyes today.

I can’t complain about how they came out. Six months is a long time (for me) to go without practice. But one thing I can tell you, I had a real smile on my face the whole time. For a single moment in time today, I wasn’t sad, worried, stressed, in pain, or hurting. I was happy. Smiling, laughing, and full of positive energy.

It was an incredible feeling and a much needed change from the last few days.

I think I may need to take the camera out again and go on a small adventure soon. The lake and the mountains are calling my name. Actually, so is the ocean. Hopefully one of these weekends, I can take the tiny tots on an adventure. It’s been a long winter. We’re all ready to escape the house together.

Any other photographers out there? I’d love to follow like minded friends!


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