Top Five Goals

Time for another Get To Know The Blogger post! Today’s list is Top Five Goals. I decided to be a little vague instead of being super specific on the type of goal. So here it goes.

My top five goals.

1. Be a good wife and mother.

I want to learn how to communicate more effectively with my husband and with my children. Sometimes, I lose my patience and start yelling. Others, I clam up and don’t respond at all. I’d like to attribute that to pregnancy hormones or stress but if I’m being honest, it stems from a severe lack of patience. I want to be able to hold a conversation with my husband instead of talking at him. (And vise versa. I want him to talk with me, not at me.) I also want to be able to talk to my children in a way they understand and in a way they respond to. My middle child shuts down when my husband, other adults, and even I try to talk to her. I want to fix that.

2. Grow my audience for Developed in Darkness.

I have a (hopefully) realistic goal of 1,000 followers. As I’ve mentioned before this blog is my way of making people aware of mental health and to let those who suffer know they are not alone. I plan on doing a self-care giveaway raffle/contest once I reach my goal of 1,000 followers. I’ll post details to that if and when I get close to my goal. I also want to give to charities that deal with mental health. A percentage of any Developed in Darkness gear sold will be donated. I guess that’s two goals but we’ll just pretend it’s one.

3. Get healthy.

As a 9-months-pregnant woman, I weigh just under 315 pounds. Before I saw that second pink line appear, I weighed in at 345 pounds or just over that. I want (and need) to lose weight. I would like to reach my ultimate goal of 175 pounds someday. Realistically, I’d be happy to get to 250 pounds. Then maybe 200. Then we’ll see if I can reach 175. It’ll be a hard journey and lifestyle change but it’s necessary. My kids deserve a healthy mother. I want to be able to be more active without the knee and back pain. I want to eat healthier to promote eating healthy to my children. Baby steps for now but hopefully I’ll get there.

4. Find a way to work from home.

I want to be able to work from a home office. I tried googling work from home jobs but finding legitimate ways isn’t easy. Why would I want to work from home? One, because childcare is expensive and I am about to have my FOURTH child. Two, because someday I would like to travel a lot and still work. And three, I’ve given thought to homeschooling my kids at some point. It’s not set in stone, but I’m not a fan of our current education system. I want to see it improve but we’ll see.

5. Finish school.

I’ve dropped out of college twice. The first time was because I didn’t want to go to school anymore. The second time was to move cross country. I want to go back and finish my degree. I’m so close to having an Associates in Psychology. Ultimately, I want to reach at least a Master’s in Psychology. I also want to get into Business Management and Graphic Design. I have to get ahold of my old school and take care of an overdue bill. Then I need to secure financial aid. Then I need to transfer to the community college here in my county to finish my Associate’s degree.

There you have it. My current top 5 goals. I have a much longer list of goals but these are the ones I have prioritized as my most important ones.

My goals aren’t out of reach. I’m making plans. I hope within the next year I can tell you all how I have managed to check at least two or three of these goals off of my list. Fingers crossed!


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