The desire to pack a bag and go on an adventure is strong this week. I have a few destinations in mind, too.

Some of you (who actually know me) know my husband is really into westerns. You know, Tombstone, Wyatt Earp, Quigley Down Under, and Jeremiah Johnson. Yesterday, we had a discussion about old west towns and he told me that they “don’t exist anymore.”

Obviously, I had to prove him wrong.

By doing so, I awakened a strong sense of wanderlust. I want to go to Dodge City, Kansas, Cody, Wyoming, and Tombstone, Arizona.

Dodge City, Kansas.

I want to take pictures (themed sessions and regular landscape ones). I want to travel. I want to go.

Part of me wishes I could trade my house for an rv and spend a year on the road. However, I’m an adult with adult responsibilities. Like kids. And a job. And kids…

The idea of waking up in a new city sounds exciting. Taking pictures in places I’ve never been seems like a dream come true! Plus, to see the place Wyatt Earp lived and worked would be pretty neat. Plus, Doc Holiday was my favorite character in Tombstone. I mean, come on! Val Kilmer. He did AMAZING.

Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday in Tombstone 1993.

I blame my husband for my interest in western movies but I don’t get to blame him for my interest in history. I’ve always had an interest in that. The idea of standing somewhere that history took place is intriguing. It’s one of the MANY reasons I loved living near Philadelphia and Valley Forge in Pennsylvania.

Washington’s headquarters. Valley Forge, PA.

The Revolutionary War. Seriously.

Anyway, the force is strong. I need to plan a summer road trip or something!

Stay tuned.


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