The Funny Thing About Writing…

When I started writing “The Piano,” I had a clear vision of how I wanted the story to evolve. I had a beginning. I had a messy middle. And, in my opinion, I had an incredible ending. Then something happened.

I started writing.

And just like that, the story I had in my mind was gone. A new one began to develop as I typed. A new set of obstacles formed and an entirely different plot line came to be.

Four years of pouring my heart into this story and in just a little over one month, everything I had done in four years was obsolete. It’s alright though. I still have my original idea and maybe I can turn it into something else. Who knows?

The reason I wanted to tell all of you this is because:

Copyright © 2019 Catherine Myers

My book, now titled “Ghost of You,” is almost ready to be released! I’ve worked so hard for this and I’m beyond excited to share it with the world. (I’m so excited that I keep having little dance moments. My husband has been looking at me funny and laughing at me all day.)

I hope that any of you other aspiring authors out there are getting close too!

Keep your eyes open as I update over the next weeks/months. I’m hoping to finish the editing part soon. However my son is due within the next 5 weeks, so that may not happen as soon as I’d like. We’ll find out!

Stay tuned. ♥


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